Thursday, December 10, 2015

G20 Summit Update: Food Revolution Petition...

Petition Update

Thank you! Together we can make a difference in the fight for food education.

                               Jamie Oliver
                               United Kingdom

23 Nov 2015 — Hi guys, Jamie Oliver here,

I wanted to give you an update on the Food Revolution Day petition which more than 1.6 million of you signed – that’s truly incredible; thank you again. Every single country on the planet was represented which, believe me, is no mean feat. Just to refresh your memory, the petition calls for compulsory food education for every child at school. At a time when diet-related disease is a major killer globally, I believe that this is every child’s human right.

So let me get you up to speed with developments. Since we started the petition my team and I have been working tirelessly to get it on the agenda at this year’s G20 summit, which took place over the past few days. I was really pleased to see in the communiqué that the G20 are committed to continuing to 'improve food security and nutrition', with youth being a named priority. So this is very much the beginning – not the end – of our fight. 

Progress with the G20 always requires patience – you work one year to try and get things properly discussed the next. We feel that we’re now really well positioned to continue working with the sherpas who communicate directly with prime ministers and presidents, and keep food education at the top of the agenda. Your support has allowed us to make the noise we need and demand that our voices are heard. You’ve given us the power to open up doors and speak to more and more governments, businesses and NGOs – the people that can help us in our fight to make food education compulsory for every child, and help us make 2016 a breakthrough year.  

There are some key events we’re going to focus on in 2016. The World Health Assembly meet in May. I’m delighted that they’re going to make child nutrition a top priority and hope that we can encourage every government to legislate and create robust strategies to combat the growing global child health crisis. 

It’s also the Olympics in Rio and we are working hard to look for opportunities to highlight the issues that surround this global event. This is especially important as food and drink companies are once again the main sponsors. 

So look guys, my most important point with this update is to thank you for your ongoing support. This is going to be a slow fight, but it’s one to which me and my organisation are 100% committed. Of course, there’s loads of exciting and positive stuff happening at a local and community level, and please do keep that up, but for me, seizing this opportunity to join together as one global voice, as we’ve done, is so significant. 

Thank you. Together we can – and will – make a difference in the fight for food education.

Thank you,
Jamie O x 
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