Wednesday, November 18, 2015

VizEat in Paris Hosted the Largest Shared Meal in The World...

On November 12th, my blog partner VizEat (having also just celebrated gaining their 10,000th host) welcomed over 1,000 Airbnb guests in Paris as part of Airbnb's Open-- hosting the largest shared meal in the world with 110 different nationalities attending the event! The Open provided an opportunity for the Airbnb host community to gather in one place and connect with their fellow hosts from around the globe. Paris is now the top destination in the world for home sharing on Airbnb, with more people sharing their homes with guests from around the world than in any other city. 

VizEat hosts showed real hospitality by whipping up delicious meals and creating authentic experiences around Parisian dinner tables that I'm sure were unforgettable! Who would think in just 24 hours, the beautiful City of Lights would be under multiple terrorist attacks with heinous and incomprehensible acts against humanity.... From one night of mass social meal sharing welcoming travellers and new friends into homes to the next-- a state of emergency declaration with temporary controls at the border. My heart aches and I pray for the safety and healing of my VizEat family of hosts, guests and the people of France. At the same time, I'm mourning the loss of lives and freedom. My hope is that we will all regain physical and moral strength soon. The only heartening thing at times like this is knowing how we also help each other...

Let fear not immobilize us but yet let us rejoice in that most people are good-- they open their hearts and homes to strangers in need, and they risk their lives to save others! On November 12th, a special thing happened--  more than 1,000 people from over 110 nationalities were welcomed to dine in Parisian homes-- that's a beautiful thing and should be celebrated and also not forgotten! Here is a glimpse of what went on behind the scenes...

Photo Credits: VizEat

The world stands in solidarity with you France
Praying for world peace and an end to so much suffering for victims everywhere!

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