Monday, November 2, 2015

Kicking Off November World Vegan Month...

November is World Vegan Month. And what better way to kick off the world-wide event than with a Meatless Monday vegetarian recipe-- Chilli Con Veggie inspired by Jamie Oliver's Ten Meals to Kick-Start A Healthier 2015 that landed me a photo spot on National Post's Gastropost (my first ever) where you complete a weekly mission, share your delicious food photos and get in the paper. Last week the challenge was incorporating fibre into your meals! 

In this spirit, I will make this entire month a weekly vegan meal challenge ode to Meatless Monday. Stay tuned for more and tips on transitioning to veganism or incorporating meat-free meals into your family's diet on occasion. No matter how much we love to eat meat, we need to give it a break sometimes... and one day a week is a feasible feat.

There I am on the first row from left to right image #4! Here is the actual post on their site and the two-page spread in Saturday's Oct. 31st National Post. I'm looking forward to contributing to more missions and sharing them here with you...

Chilli Con Veggie

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