Monday, May 19, 2014

The Humble Split Pea Soup...

My good friend Renata sent me this soup idea she prepared during the week of FRD2014. I love it because it is super simple to make and comfort food at its best! She made a pot of split pea soup on Monday, after a busy Mother's Day weekend. As she puts it, there is nothing fancy or special about the recipe I use; it is not difficult or complicated. It's one of those recipes that I can count on to get a home cooked meal on the table during a busy week. I didn't have time to grocery shop in the morning, but I can always count on having nearly all the ingredients I need on hand, and it still turns out if I don't! And best yet, it's perfect for picky eaters. 

Soups appear often on her menu plan. She tells me she doesn't need to tend to the stove aside from the occasional stir. And if she is busy with the kids it is okay if it stays on the stove a little longer than needed. Once the soup meets the immersion blender there is no evidence that it actually contains vegetables (her older son is a sleuth at finding them), and she doesn't need to prepare a separate meal for her baby. Leftovers for her are usually even better, and it always freezes well! She says, it is nearly the perfect meal! 
This week she paired it simply with garlic toast for dipping with empty bowls all around. 
Photos courtesy of Renata McGuire
Just a few ingredients for delicious soup

Baby likes!  He is all smiles!

I had to put this in... so adorable!

Sometimes we forget how easy delicious food can be made with just a few ingredients that you already have on hand. You may think you need a bunch of things you'll have to go out and buy but often they are already in your fridge and pantry- just staple items you're using on a regular basis. How awesome is that, and truthfully, who doesn't love soup? You can make it clear like consommé, creamy, puréed or hearty and chunky, typically with components of broth, vegetables, with or without meat and some seasoning. When it's this simple to whip up and the results are wholesome and tasty, don't bother with soup from a can or take-out when you can make it just as wonderful or even better yourself. 

Thank you Renata for reminding us that great food can come in the most simplest form!

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