Saturday, May 3, 2014

Really Take Your Kids Grocery Shopping...

You can teach your children a multitude of things about food by letting them tag along on a grocery trip.

After my older boys classes today, I took them to Coppa's Fresh Market to assist me in picking up items for dinner and also to give them a few food shopping lessons. Supermarkets are a plethora of sights and smells. I encourage them to use their senses to look, touch and smell the produce if possible and to ask lots of questions.  

We examined the attributes of what to look for in the
freshest and best produce. I let them bag the goods.
We looked at and smelled different apples to appreciate
the vast variety and familiarize with the names.

We checked out the butcher area, and talked about the different cuts
of  beef ie; bone-in for steaks, cubed for stews, briskets for roasts.
In the prepared olive section, we discussed their different sizes and colours,
how some have flavourings such as lemon, garlic and bay leaf etc., 

My experience with the twins now differ vastly from shopping trips early on. Judging from today it looks like this will be a more regular fun outing together!

Étienne and Sébastien when they were just little ol' two...

A dinner of grilled rib steaks, sauteed garlic mushrooms, rapini with chili and olive oil, broiled sweet potatoes, toasted crusty bread, a Greek salad and olives to reward my big boys for a great day with mom at the store.

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