Sunday, May 11, 2014

Go and See How Fresh Food Is Made...

It wasn't that there was a new huge 60,000 sq. ft. Middle Eastern supermarket Adonis that recently came into my parent's neighbourhood that got me all excited for that different shopping experience, but it was the fact that they have their own in-house pita-making factory enclosed behind glass windows for all to see! And of course, I just had to show my kids. Too bad Étienne and Matias fell asleep in the car, so I was only able to take Sébastien along and my husband stayed behind. Many people- young and old stood still to watch as the hot fresh pitas came out of the oven on conveyor belts and waited patiently as employees put the cooled ones in plastic bags, then onto shelves for sale.

A machine deposits flat pita dough disks onto a conveyor belt entering the oven.
Out the other side, Sébastien watches as oven-baked 
pitas come all hot, puffed and blistered in orderly fashion.

And around the conveyor belt they go... deflating gradually...
For the employees to sort and bag. Gotta go get some...

Fresh thin, chewy, blistery goodness... perfect for our outdoor Mother's Day picnic tomorrow!

Some supermarkets, bakeries and restaurants such as Chinese handmade dumplings or pizzerias showcase their goods being freshly prepared by having a window to peer in or an open bustling kitchen for your full view. When you happen upon these gems, take note and bring your children and friends to see food in action, and then pick some up or stay to eat, and enjoy the fruits of the labour. You will appreciate the freshness and care put into making what you're eating and may inspire you to be more conscientious of what you're putting into your body on a regular basis, leading to healthier and wiser food choices. Discover, explore, and enjoy and share your finds!

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