Friday, May 11, 2018

Eating The Rainbow on Wellness Night...

What a wonderful first year health & wellness event organized by mom Yusan Ong at Lester B Pearson last week!! A wide variety of activities including yoga, martial arts and dance workshops including but of course food! Absolutely thrilled to be a guest assisting lunch packing guru Aviva Wittenberg @avivawittenberg (check out her amazing instagram page with drool-worthy, eye-popping lunch-box creations your kids will love to eat) making yogurt dips and real fruit-infused water with the parents and kids! It was absolutely amazing and fun supporting my Willowdale community with such a wonderful healthful initiative. The success of the night sounds for a likely repeat next year! Round of applause everyone...

Aviva working her creative magic! It was seriously an eating rainbow-kind-of-night.

We eat with our eyes first, and WoW were the kids and parents alike impressed with this vibrant fresh spread!

First off Balkan-style yogurt dips-- one savoury and one sweet. Fresh mint torn into small pieces, with a splash of fresh lemon juice and a pinch of sea salt in one. And a squirt of honey in the other. Serve with their favourite dippers or mix and match to try a new flavour combo! Try apple slices in mint yogurt, or cucumber wedges in honey yogurt anyone?

Love these compostable mini bowls made of sugar cane. 

Lots of mmms and ahhhs.... The kind of enlightened sensory music we love to hear :D

Real fruit-infused water had the kids buzzing with what ingredients they wanted to personalize their take-home mason jars. We had tangy citrus, cucumber slices, mint and the selection of apples, pears and berries on the table spread. Skies the limit!

Tomatoes and carrots too, why not? Cinnamon sticks for a warm spice nose and flavour.

So inspired by Aviva's idea, I had to piggy back on it with a final parent engagement cooking class with my favourite moms. Blood oranges and citrus brightens any day, am I right? Readying them for real fruit-infused bing cherry black tea, cold with mixed berries, pomegranate seeds, cucumber slices and fresh mint! #drinkuphealth

Moms made their own customized mason jars to take home as a prelude gift for Mother's Day! So perfect! YAY! More to come from this amazing last session for the school year! 

And oh, what a SeNd Off-- just wait 'til you see and hear what we have in store... :D

Rainbow Infused Bing Cherry Black Tea

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