Monday, April 9, 2018

Creative Ways With Sushi Rice Japanese-Style...

Everyone knows sushi rolls but did you know there are a myriad of ways to serve Japanese sushi rice -- each distinctive and mouth-watering in its own presentation? Another morning session over at Fraser Mustard, moms and I delivered four different ideas all inspired by the humble seasoned vinegared rice-- a little sweet, a little salty, a little tangy and a whole lotta deelish with a whole lotta fixin's! The main feature were the construction of onigiri rice balls and from there we branched out to vegetarian maki rolls, poke bowl, and DIY sushi wraps

Vegetarian Maki Rolls and A Poke Bowl

We often think it's the combination of flavours and textures in fillings and toppings that makes or breaks sushi, but in fact, it's the foundation that is the essence to greatness-- the vinegared rice! (go ahead and ask any real sushi chef-- it's all about the rice).

Cooling and seasoning cooked short-grain rice. See here on how-to.

Demoing how to mould and shape onigiri rice balls.

In Japan, you can get onigiri filled with anything from grilled salmon, to natto (fermented soy beans) to premium ingredients such as uni (sea urchin) or snow crab... my favourite ones are simply filled with umeboshi (a salted plum preserve). We can get a small variety of onigiri in Toronto mostly in Korean stores, usually filled with tuna mayo, grilled beef or kimchi and they are a welcomed snack any time of day- at least my day. It is very simple to make at home and the best part is that you can fill it with whatever your heart desires.

Rice balls are filled and wrapped with a strip of nori seaweed.

You can buy nori sheet wraps covered in plastic that are designed to separate from the rice
until you are ready to eat which makes it super convenient to pack and take on the go!

Ready, Set, Go...

These ladies are so awesome... such nimble fingers and expert shaping!

Nice and Compact! Ready to Eat!

Next on the agenda, maki rolls, poke bowl and DIY sushi wraps...

Canned tuna mixed with mayo and egg crepes were the protein.

First it was maki sushi-style burritos trend-setting the eatery scene, and now it's all the same fresh makings in a poke bowl pronounced "POH-keh". Healthy, delicious and customizable,  this dish is a favourite for native Hawaiians and has been around for centuries. While it may look complicated it really is super simple. Pick up fresh ingredients, do a little prep, cook the rice and you're set to have your own fun make-your-own poke bowl. The key is to top with a variety of textures for crisp and crunch-- such as alfalfa sprouts and wasabi green peas.

Poke bowl with a medley of colour, flavours and textures!

DIY Sushi Wraps! So much fun for the family and an exciting kind of buffet-style meal to entertain guests with by personalizing rolls with seaweed nori sheets with favourite fixins'... a colourful array of vegetables and protein, especially seafood! You don't need to worry about raw fish if you prefer to leave that to the experts at sushi restaurants, when you've got cooked eel, crab meat and shrimps at your disposal.

Like building your own sushi tacos with nori sheets instead of corn shells!

Constructing a little something something...

Discussing where to buy ingredients and enjoying some of this and some of that...

I can't tell you how much I love cooking with these ladies week after week...

Vietnam Cuisine is up next-- making the most of those wonderful exotic fresh and fragrant herbs!

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