Thursday, August 24, 2017

Bien manger à Montréal (troisième partie)...

Frites Alors or shall we be screaming Poutine Alors!?

Our annual summer mini vacay in Montreal to visit family has always been belly-lavished with homemade Vietnamese flavours but this rare time around, with a heavy pulse still on Asian, we were able to venture out and delve into some other tastes around the city- Lebanese falafels and shawarma and Benny & Co.'s rotisserie chicken not shown here. I seriously focused my attention on eating so these snaps are the best I've got from our lil' four-day escapade of eats. One fine afternoon consisted of Frites Alors, my nostalgic fave chic greasy spoon to mange frites in la belle province... only my boys wanted poutine... boat loads of it!

Classic squeaky cheese and gravy poutine

Bacon and grilled onions poutine

Head-over-heels in love with the rest!

My husband's family welcomed us with a lovely lunch of Asian-inspired chicken breast brochettes (marinated in fish sauce, garlic and ginger) served with a tasty-fun topping of gremolata- toasted coconut shreds and sliced green onions. Simple steamed string beans and a large green salad tossed with smoked salmon and grapes in a honey Dijon dill vinaigrette rounded the meal. Hearty and delicious! Merci Beaucoup sis-in-law Veronique!

Grapes add an interesting texture and sweet flavour to the savoury salad.

Some bun (vermicelli) and deep fried shrimp crackers too cause we Asian :D

Morning glory with a mixed berry danish and a coffee. Kids were all over chocolate croissants.

A late lunch in a Chinese Vietnamese noodle shop.

Roasted duck egg noodles soup

Spicy beef (bun bo hue) noodle soup 

Family dinner at a Vietnamese-Cambodian restaurant Kim Hour. They also owned the supermarket in the same strip plaza, offering an extensive and affordable menu. Merci beaucoup Kathia et famille! C'est tres delicieux. Bon choix!

Vietnamese Crab Meat and White Asparagus Soup

Extra Crispy Chicken and Cambodian Beef with Onions and Peppers.
Love the heavy fish sauce, lemongrass and ginger  indicative of Cambodian cuisine.

Mixed Seafood and Bak Choy

But the highlight of this delicious meal-- frog legs! Even my kids loved chewing on the deep-fried scrawny legs in a thin batter with a hint of fish sauce and possibly five spice.

Taste just like chicken wings :D

Snack at my parents-in law-- deep fried spring roll pork filling leftovers and battered fish. 
Wrap the pieces in lettuce and Thai basil leaves then dip in prepared fish sauce nuoc mam. 

Handheld bite-sized goodness!

The best part of the trip is just being out and about with the family and enjoying the Montreal air! 

Hoppity, Skippity, Jump!

And of course, no Montreal trip is ever complete without bags and bags of fresh oven-baked sesame bagels to tote home. These are from Fairmount Bagels and are possibly the best! Until next year....

Dense, chewy, slightly sweet and ever-so tasty!

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