Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sriracha Lobster Banh Mi...

Purists will shake their heads... don't mess with the classic lobster roll perfectly donned with just mayo, chopped celery, salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon if you so incline. That's been my mindset until I couldn't get hot dog-style rolls at the Asian supermarket where I scored $7.99/lb. lobsters. Vietnamese buns were the only standing option and I thought hmmm, why not? East meets west in this Vietnamese-style lobster rolls for a Father's Day lunch for my Vietnamese husband-- YASS! Tossing the classic ingredients with some sweet Japanese mayo, green onions, a splash of lime dolled up with cilantro and a squeeze of sriracha kicks it up a notch from classy to sassy! To you purists, just be glad I didn't give it a good douse of maggi, the final touch before eating traditional Vietnamese banh mi.

Rubber gloves makes handling easier (no slip grip from the squirming).

Look at that tiny replacement claw growing in...

Sriracha Lobster Banh Mi
Makes about 4 sandwiches

4 (1-1/4 lbs.) lobsters (choose fiesty, lively lobsters for optimal freshness), cooked
2 celery stalks, chopped
1/4 cup regular mayonnaise
2 Tbsp. Japanese kewpie mayonnaise (for a sweet creamy tang)
2 green onions, thinly sliced
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
Splash of lime juice
Lettuce leaves, torn
Cilantro leaves
4 Vietnamese buns, split and lightly toasted- optional

How to steam lobsters.

Let the cooked lobsters cool before handling. Cracking, removing and picking out every bit of good meat from its shells and crevices is a tedious messy task. This took me an hour but my eye is on the reward at the end!

How to dissect cooked lobsters for maximum meat.

4 1-1/4 lb. lobsters yields about 3 cups of meat. Can't let that gorgeous tomalley (guts) go to waste!

The flavouring agents!

In a bowl, combine the lobster meat, mayonnaises, celery, onion, salt & pepper and a splash of lime juice to taste. Fill into split buns when ready to serve with lettuce, garnish with cilantro and that squeeze of red stuff from the rooster bottle.

Cook's Note: Place lobster salad in refrigerator for ten minutes. This allows the salad to absorb the flavourings.

Fill 'er up!

A twist on a classic fave in a crusty Viet bun!

Serve with a side of chips! Shrimp chips is ideal to keep with the theme :D

For me, the plate makes space for gutsy head carcasses... No doubt, I am definitely Asian!

Happy Father's Day honey!

My son's creative style with dill pickle chips as a crunchy add-in!

Still, the classic with mayo and celery in soft bun reigns supreme... succulent and delicious! 

My Classic Lobster Rolls

And of course to my dad on Father's Day... Thank you with all my heart for everything you've taught me. 
I am an extension of you and I love you very much... To more life's lessons and stories!

My artist dad's oil on canvas self-portrait.

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