Sunday, January 29, 2017

Lunar New Year Feast to Usher in the Rooster...

Little New Year is the eve and is enjoyed with a reunion "toon neen fan" dinner with the family. While feast-ivities involving meat is popular, on the new year's day it is actually celebrated by eating meatless dishes. Combining reunion dinner and new year's day food traditions together, I made sure there were plenty of vegetarian-friendly offerings at my extended family party! 

This soy product specialty by my mom is one of my family's favourites! Delectable and tasty!

Layered Bean Curd Sheets (aka vegetarian goose or duck)

1 pkg. dried bean curd sheets (large sheets that come folded in packages found in the refrigerated or frozen sections in an Asian supermarket).
1 can (397 mL) chicken broth

oil for pan-frying

Take one large sheet, cut into half and fold it several times until you get a layered flat roll as per photo. Secure open fold with a toothpick. Repeat to make as many pieces you wish.

Add two Tbsp. oil in a hot skillet. Pan fry bean curd rolls in one layer in batches until golden brown on both sides. Place cooked bean curd in a shallow pot to fit; pour in chicken broth. Cover and simmer to cook for ten minutes. Add more broth if drying up. Turn over and simmer for five minutes more, until roll is soft but not falling apart. Transfer rolls, stacked two high to a large container. Cover and chill for 5 hours or overnight. Turn rolls over once to moisten them. Slice into bite-sized layered strips. Serve cold. You can also serve warm up by pan frying rolls on both sides before slicing.

Simmering the bean curd rolls gives a wrinkled skin result.

I made it simple by preparing a few dishes: Marbled Tea Eggs, Spicy Szechuan Smashed Cucumbers, Deep-Fried Spring Rolls and Jellyfish and Cucumbers, and buying a variety of Asian deli-prepared meats and roasts. My parents, sister and cousin's family all brought their homemade favourites to add to the big meal. 

Spicy Szechuan Smashed Cucumbers and Jelly Fish and Cucumbers

Deep-Fried Thai Shrimp Chips

My mom and aunt cooking Chinese greens

My mom slicing up whole roasted chicken

The complete Chinese New Year food spread!

My sister's Korean gimbap rolls

Shredded green vegetable salad

Other vegetarian dishes included sliced lotus salad, seaweed salad and braised soy mushrooms.

Gimbap and seaweed salad

Coconut Jackfruit Tapioca Dessert


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