Thursday, August 25, 2016

Trillium Chefs Canada Quest For Gold at Culinary Olympics...

Last evening, I was honoured to be in the presence of talented Trillium Chefs Canada at a fundraising Canada's Quest for Gold reception dinner held in a local Toronto hotel. My amazing long-time friend Chef Frederick Oh is the team's advisor and his diverse culinary team of renown chefs have competed in competitions around the world and won multiple medals such as at Culinary World Cup, Culinary Olympics and many other international competitions. It is the most prestigious culinary competition in the world and attracts the most talented chefs globally.

This year, they will represent Canada regionally at the 2016 IKA/Culinary Olympics from October 22nd to 25th, 2016 in Erfurt, Germany. The event has been staged at Erfurt every four years since 2000 but originated as early as 1896 in Germany, and held in their other local cities. Trillium Chefs’ long term objective is to groom and develop local, professional and upcoming chefs representing Canada in major world culinary competitions while promoting culinary art and techniques. 
They will compete in ten categories: Team-A, Team-B Individual Entrees and Junior Chefs with each team composing of a team captain, three chefs and a patisserie.

Trillium Chefs will provide a wealth of knowledge to not only the team, but to chefs in training, the culinary industry and the community. You can join this adventure and become a part of the Culinary Olympics Team by supporting the Trillium Chefs with funding and sponsoring the team. Contact Frederick Oh (Team Advisor) or Dilup Attyagalla (Team Captain) at

* A huge thank you to my friend Alvin Hoang who attended the evening with me and came to my rescue as my trusted photographer when I completely forgot to bring my camera! Shout out to you for all the visual credits as this post would not have been without you :D!

The Trillium Chefs Canada Team

In preparation for the Culinary Olympics, the chefs are tirelessly raising funds for the team’s competition expenses. Planning ahead for the competition includes a Canadian-inspired menu, astounding presentation and showcasing exceptional teamwork throughout. Plates must be practical, creative and innovative while demonstrating new techniques and nutritional value. At last night's gala, the food offered at serve-yourself stations and hors d'oeuvres being passed around by team members displayed the team's panache for detailed presentation and combination of wonderful flavours that included Asian and Mediterranean inspirations.

Honeydew melon carving by Chef Frederick Oh

Multi-talented Chef Oh is a master fruit and vegetable carver. It took him less than an hour to carve this watermelon and at his quickest in twenty minutes!

Stunningly beautiful! I love the watermelon skin carved into leaves.

I was Chef Oh's assistant for the night making sure the carving station looked at its best as well as inviting guests to come up to help create a decorative fruit and vegetable centre piece by inserting "flower" carving skewers (beet roses, zucchini lilies, radish flower buds, kale leaves, carrot and celery spikes) into head lettuces.

Which should ultimately look like this immaculate one... See more on Fred's carvings in my post 
The Art of Fruit and Vegetable Carving at a previous event.

Chef Oh at Feast of Fields promoting
local agriculture and organic farming

Niagara Peller Estates sponsored their gorgeous red merlot and white chardonnay wines.

I loved this shrimp and smoked salmon rose skewer with capers and dill-- so pretty and tasty!

The dessert tasting station was right off the venue entrance (on purpose perhaps to tantalize the taste buds)-- and what a delightful spread and presentation it was. From mini portions of crème brûlée, lemon meringue (my favourite), strawberry chocolate tarts, chocolate ganache cake, raspberry mousse with coulis and nitrogen ice cream!!

Canadian Culinary Federation Chef Cornelia Volino and Trillium Chefs Canada Team Captain Chef Dilup Attyagalla delivered their welcome speeches, praise and encouragement and introduced each team member to come up on stage.

Go Canada Go!

Chef Frederick Oh, Chef Dilup Attyagalla and Professor Leo Chan

Aside from a generous silent auction, another activity invited participants to show off their plating skills in an Iron Chef competition. The black box ingredient revealed cooked quail and four participants along with faculty chefs assisted to create their desired plate with their choice of seasonings and prepared ingredients. Judging and deliberation revealed a winner of a gift basket of goodies!

Four corner food stations were served up by Trillium Chef members. 
What a wonderful spread of flavours highlighting our local meats and produce!

Stuffed Supreme of Chicken 

Caprese-Style Bread and Butter Pudding

Roasted Beef Short Ribs in Espresso Balsamic Demi-Glace

Thank you Chef Fred Oh for your warm invite. I wish you and your team every success as you venture to Germany and showcase the talent you guys got! Continue to make Canada proud as you have been doing all these years! 

Trillium Chefs are forging our Canadian heritage cuisine's presence in the international arena of professional chefs and cooks. You can join this adventure and become a part of the Culinary Olympics Team by supporting the Trillium Chefs with funding and team sponsoring. Contact Chef Frederick Oh or Chef Dilup Attyagalla at

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