Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pigging Out in Myrtle Beach....

I'm Baaaack... with the fam bam from a week at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina travelling along and to friends Marilyn and Charlie's vacation home! Driving 16 hours (even split over two days and thanks to my husband) is no easy feat especially with three young boys sitting elbow to elbow... but we happily arrived fairly sane in the membrane :). Tailing our awesome friends on the way, we made pit stops in 1-1/2 to 2 hour intervals for washroom, food and stretch breaks, and as the destination got closer I started thinking about what I love best-- Foooood.... With days filled to the max with nare to spare-- beaches, outlet shopping and amusement parks for the kids.... talk about eating out galore which means pigging out to our hearts' content (and I am not counting all the multi-fast food joints we ventured into) and no cooking (well 'cept for breakfast on some days) for me! Yay! 

There's my three crazy munchkins!

Beautiful scenic mountains and hillsides on the way...

Breakfast at the home on most days consisted of eggs, ham and toast, but I changed it up also on a few with DIY scrambled eggs and sausage burrito served with shredded cheese and salsa.

Hitting the beach for some friends and families photos all coordinated in blue and whites :) YAY!

Friends are the family we choose ourselves... Namaste!

Of course, we must have our rainbow assortment of coloured snow cone slushies at the water park and everywhere else that sells it to keep cool.... well by the order of our kids!

Buffet feasting at the many All-You-Can-Eat Seafood Buffet- Giant Crab, specializing in Alaskan Crab legs!

Look at the size of those yummy meaty leggy legs!! 

Only in America... LOL

A dinner show at Medieval Times with roasted chicken, corn on cob and roasted potato half. Fun and yum!

A trip to the Hollywood Wax Museum. Was not overly impressed with the likeness of the models but hoping they at least got their heights correct! Surprised at how tall and short some of these celebrities were-- Madonna- shorter than I thought and Taylor Swift and Martha Stewart were giants!

Alas Mexican dinner.... twice!! Mixed grilled meats-- sizzling shrimps, beef and chicken with peppers and onions, steak and shrimps and more shrimps with garlic alongside Mexican rice, refried beans and corn tortillas for wrapping. Oh and salsa and chips but of course!

A specialty of the Veracruz coast, this Mexican seafood soup-- Caldo de Mariscos is similar to bouillabaisse. Seafood soup--in one variation or another, depending on the catch of the day--is found across Mexico, where it is commonly sold in markets as a hangover remedy. This one contained crab legs, fish, clams, mussels and crawfish. So hearty delicious!

How can you not venture into an IHOP, Pancake or Waffle House when the roads well traveled are lined with them? Here was making my request come true with a giant, did I say giant breakfast for all.

More fun in the sun!!

On our last night, dipping our way through Outback's infamous deep-fried blooming onion and cutting into a full rack of barbecued baby back ribs! For a healthier version of the onion appetizer, try my Oven-Baked Blooming Onion.

But amongst the abundant greasy, sugary as well as ginormous food portions, trying to stay lean, mean and strong in the process.... so I could have room to down some mo'.... LOL


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