Sunday, June 26, 2016

It's a BBQ Funday Sunday...

We just love getting together with my bestie and her family! Our kids play so well together, the adults get to catch up usually over some light cooking and wine-drinking (the hubs), and the food spread is never short of fantastic! Can't think of a better way to enjoy a beautiful Sunday than a BBQ cook-out with some delectable sides and desserts to tie it all in and of course, over great conversations with great friends! 

I love ma' steak medium-rare but even better with a beer or one of these Somersby Ciders!

I baked up my bestie's favourite-- Quick and easy Cassava Cake (a popular Southeast Asian dessert) with just three ingredients!! There is nothing to master except thawing frozen grated cassava, dumping, stirring with coconut and condensed milks then baking. Voila!! it perfectly balanced sweetness, just the way us Asians like it-- not too sweet.

Three-Ingredient Cassava Cake

Recently for National Onion Rings Day- June 22nd, I was inspired to bake a whole onion blossom covered in panko and seasoning as a really fun appetizer to share along a creamy spicy sauce. Certainly different from the deep-fried kind but tastes light crispy, sweet and much more healthier! I made one for the get-together, but this time the large onion expanded more like a lotus flower than a blossom. So pretty and tasty!

Oven-Baked Onion Blossom

This is such a Vietnamese thing to do... guess what kind of seeds these are? Boiled/steamed for an hour or so, tastes so yummy just like roasted chestnuts... They are "hột mít" Jackfruit Seeds!! Eat everything from the fruit down to its core-- no waste-- YAY!

Cookin' up steaks, lamb chops and Korean kalbi beef short ribs!

Home-grilled meat dishes and some prepared side salad dishes!

Gotta' get some refreshing limeade!

WHOA-- a Beast of a Feast!

Dessert Tiiiiime!!.....

I don't eat gluten-free however, when my cousin Helen brought back a bunch of baked goodies (cupcakes, cookies, squares) from her pal Pete's Gluten Free in Ottawa, I was delighted to try and taste how yummy gluten-free can be. My image of cardboard-tasting crumbly gluten free products are gone. His date squares and 4-variety pack cupcakes were our family's fave (chocolate, carrot, red velvet and pumpkin spice), and I look forward to baking with their SMART flour (sorghum, millet, arrowroot, brown rice and tapioca)! So nutritious can be delicious! He also makes savoury items like gourmet pizza and homemade lasagna. YUM!

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