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Real Food For Real Kids #CookForYourLife Interviews...

Food Revolution Day is tomorrow! YAY! This past week Real Food For Real Kids (RFRK) and I have collaborated in planning a "Cook for your Life" themed week for ‪#‎FoodRevolution‬ Day! Each day, mini-interviews were conducted with health industry influencers and advocates to build awareness about joining the #RealFoodRevolution, to find out what favourite go-to recipes and what Cook for your life means to each one?!

To kick things off, we're starting with Lulu Cohen Farnell! Born and raised in Paris, Lulu is a mom of two and the Founder of Real Food for Real Kids! Between recipe development at the Real Food Kitchen and campaigning for healthier school lunches at national summits, Lulu does everything for #RealFood

For Lulu, Cook for your Life means... "let's have fun in the kitchen and create delicious healthy dishes while instilling good eating habits for a lifetime! As an advocate for Real Food, I’m driven to inspire and educate my family, friends and followers to shop for local sustainable foods, cook from scratch everyday and savour the joy of eating in good company!” My go-to #RealFood recipe is... Crunchy Rainbow Salad with quinoa! My recipe was recently featured in Kids Cook by Ryan Storm, Ry's

Day 1 of #CookForYourLife Week: Wayne Roberts. Wayne is one of Canada's most senior (he thinks certainly in terms of age!!!) food analysts and advocates. Wayne is the author of 12 books and a food advisor to city governments around the world. He Tweets and Facebooks as if the Food Revolution depended on all of us taking hundreds of footsure steps, before and after the Revolution!

For Wayne, Cook For Your Life means... “In the rushed-off-my-feet world I live in...there's only one urgent problem in the world: global warming. Slow down for the other problems! By taking the time to cook from scratch (two bads = excess packaging + waste) with friends who join you for the meal (three goods = fun + eco-friendly + healthy), I'm teaching myself that we can slow down for the rest and speed up for the only thing that's urgent.”

Wayne’s go-to #RealFood recipe is... “Oven-Baked Brown Rice with Mushrooms (adapted from the the all-new Joy of Cooking cookbook) This book is a stand-by for me because it's great for people who aren't self-confident in the kitchen. I like to feature local wild rice and wild mushrooms from Forbes Wild Foods.”

Day 2 of #CookForYourLife Week: Ryan Storm, Ry's Ratings. Ryan is a 15 years old food blogger who started his blog,, when he was 8! Ryan loves reviewing restaurants, food, markets and products as well as eating REAL food, and speaking about food issues to small and large groups. 

For Ryan, Cook For Your Life means... to literally cook for your life. Cooking is an essential skill to have - it makes life fun, and teaches you how to nourish yourself well! A quote that I came up with and use often is "Part of taste is feeling good about what you eat". I think that if we all cook our own meals, we would know what's in our food, and we would all feel so much better about what we are eating! My go-to #RealFood recipe is... Hummus! A simple dish that's easy and fast to make, but can be served for any meal, and goes really well with almost anything!

Day 4 of #CookForYourLife Week: Rachel Bies Nutrition. Rachel is the owner of RBNutrition! She is also a board member of #ROAMtoronto and partner at #NourishandGlow. Rachel is a local chef and nutritionist spreading the word about whole foods and cooking through meal delivery, lessons, seminars, writing and media!

For Rachel, Cook For Your Life means... "People and clients falling back in love with food ~ as a chef, brand ambassador and holistic nutritionist, teaching and spreading the word about ingredients, culinary adventures and recipes is a priority. To me there is nothing more enjoyable than cooking with friends, creating simple stunning dishes and the kitchen as your social hub. Bonus: getting your kids involved, in my experience kids that cook will eat, learn and be self sufficient later in life." Rachel’s go-to #RealFood recipe is... Smoked black bean and sweet potato burgers with avocado mayo!

Day 5
of ‪#‎CookForYourLife‬ Week: Susan's Savour-It. Susan is a mom to three young boys, a food blogger, culinary consultant and RFRK Lunch Club Coach. Even though she's a busy mum, Susan is also a ‪#‎FoodRevolution‬ Super Ambassador!

For Susan, Cook For Your Life means... "being able to look into your fridge and pantry, and quickly know what ingredients goes with what to come up with something decent to cook for you and your family, and not waste leftovers and food. People who lack the skills would throw out wilted produce and slightly bruised fruit. That is the POWER of food education and cooking, and it begins with learning the basics of food and cooking!"

Susan’s go-to ‪#‎RealFood‬ recipe is... "Spaghetti Bolognese (a hearty spin on Jamie's 10 Cook For Your Life recipe-- classic tomato spaghetti). It is so versatile, you can use a variety of meats, or in combination and/or a whole whack of veggies, that could be hidden in the delicious sauce and enjoyed by the pickiest of eaters. And I also love it as it's a great dish to use up the bits and ends of leftover veggies in your fridge." Check out Susan's recipe here:

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