Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Life In Japan-- Ganbare Nippon!

If you are like me who is a lover of all things Japanese-- a Japanese culture, food and cuisine enthusiast, then please join me on Life In Japan, a Facebook page I manage with my dear artist brother Marten Go (Preserved Dragons) who has returned home after a decade overseas in Japan. A page he started in April 2011 to dedicate to the suffering from the earthquake that rocked Japan... Five years later... nothing has been too big to overcome!


I am dedicating this illustration to the suffering, as well to Nippon / Japan, and all the helping hands and voices around the world that have come together as one to overcome this hardship.

And specifically to the military, rescue and recovery teams, fire and policemen, hospitals, seniors, evacuation shelters, nuclear workers, family and children, fishing and farming industries, pets, housing and construction workers, businesses, spiritual ones, schools, and the newborns, keep on going! We can do it together! Nothing is too big to overcome!

I’m looking forward to a new Nippon / Japan! Arrigato...Thank you!

Ganbare Nippon (Hang In There)!

Marten Go (& Susan Ng)
April 25th, 2011

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