Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Getting Creative with Leftovers... No Waste!

I have been talking about food waste these days-- and YEH, letting edible food go to waste is never ideal but it happens-- it happens a lot! I passionately believe food waste from households could be alleviated with cooking skills. That is the P.O.W.E.R of cooking combined with Food Education! People who lack the skills would throw out wilted produce and slightly bruised fruit. And not know what to do with bits of leftover ingredients. That's why we need everyone to learn the basic cooking skills, because you'll be able to look into your fridge and quickly know the ingredients' shelf-life and limits, what goes with what, and how to cook up something decent. No waste. Tonight, shredded raw rainbow vegetables (beets & coloured carrots) for a spinach salad leftover from serving lunch at my elementary school (with Real Food For Real Kids) gets the creative treatment! Cooked up in a home-style Japanese comfort dish-- Simmered Beef and Tofu! The sweet flavours complimented the savoury and sweet dish very well. Delish and no waste!! 

Bagged and weighed washed baby spinach and hand shredded rainbow veggies at
Real Food For Real Kids (RFRK) ready to be packed and delivered to the schools.  

This satisfying dish features a richly flavoured beef and onion topping nestled in soft pillowy tofu cubes with earthy shiitake mushrooms. The delicious light sweet and savoury sauce combining sugar, sake and mirin is a definitive characteristic of home-style Japanese cuisine. Served over hot rice, the beautiful flavours is soaked up and instantly becomes more irresistible and full-filling with each bite. The leftover rainbow veggies add extra nutrition! Yay!

Japanese Simmered Beef and Tofu

I love this infographic! How we must preserve and respect the very food that fuels us. 
Caring about our economy of food is patriotism!

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