Friday, April 8, 2016

Gastropost-- Showing Leftovers Some Love...

It's a bloody shame to let good food go to waste. So Gastroposters have spent the week showing how to transform and create delicious dishes out of our unused foods. Whether it's a big batch we're cooking to see us through a work week's worth of lunches, a supper surplus we purposely keep to repurpose for another dish or using whatever's in the fridge to make a meal, we got to show what we do with leftovers when left to our own devices.

Yay! My submission made it in today's Gastropost- Showing Leftovers Some Love-- a night of nutritious and tasty Chilli Con Veggie turned into Chili Con Patties the next day with homemade pastry.

See here for the Original Two-Page Spread
Creative Leftover Chili Con Veggie

Food for thought: Staggering. Shocking. How does a nation obsessed with eating, eating out, food shows, cookbooks and food sites/blogs waste billions of dollars of good food every year (31 million pounds in Canada which is mainly 50% household waste-- what we buy, not eat, and throw out)?

Waste occurs at various points of the food supply system. There are lots of gaps, according to experts, but the biggest source of waste are households. Consumers can actually make a significant difference just by changing some of the things we do on a daily basis: 

Make a list before you go shopping and sticking to it. 
Do not go shopping if you’re hungry or you'll impulse buy. 
Check your cupboards and refrigerator – what do you have and what do you really need? 
Eat up what you have first rather than what you're in the mood for. 
Be creative and re-purpose leftovers. 
Donate too much food, or if you know you won’t use it. 

Imperfect perfectly edible foods-- just eat it already! Check out this great film on Food Waste:

 With Toronto Registered Dietician Carol Harrison and Culinary Consultant Cathy Ireland

Just Eat It. A Food Waste Story.

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