Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy World Food Day....

Today is World Food Day! Care to share your pictures of how food matters to you and to your country, whether it is a regional dish, or an image of your family coming together to share good times over food. ‪#‎WFD2015‬. I am hosting a delayed Thanksgiving Day dinner at my place with the extended family tomorrow night, and that will be my tribute to the event (recipes and photos to come). So how are you sharing good times over food? Click here to read more about World Food Day.

Here is a message from Jamie Oliver:

"First of all, happy World Food Day everyone! World Food Day was set up to mark the creation of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), which has done great things in granting people regular access to good, fresh, healthy food. It’s also exactly five months since my global day of action, Food Revolution Day, campaigning for food education for every child. My Food Revolution Day petition to get practical food education on every school curriculum has had an overwhelming response – 1.6 million of you signed up, with supporters from every country in the world. It’s truly incredible."  
See Jamie's short video here

Click here to hear more from Jamie.

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