Friday, September 4, 2015

Black Crack-- Addictive Black Garlic...

Black crack... so fermented black garlic has been called. Can you believe my mom was slow-cooking these gradual blackened babies in her rice cooker for two weeks??-- on warm 24/7 until the dried bulbs yield roast-pungent mellow, slightly tangy, tamarind-like notes nothing like its sharp garlicky origins. Surprisingly chewy like soft taffy. One word-- Addictive! My mom read about their huge health benefits and made a rice cooker full, now being stored in the fridge until ready to use. Apparently, it's being experimented in lab research for curing ailments and diseases and its proving successful so far. You can buy these in jars in speciality food stores and Korean supermarkets.

An awesome table condiment stored in the fridge-- purée into a sauce, bake into bread, ground over seared steaks, salads, noodle soup or fried eggs. My friend Amy Walbold's husband sometimes puts black garlic in his meatballs and sauce. And pal Chef Frederick Oh tells me it makes great tapenade-- just mash it and spread over nummy morsels of meat or scallops! Sounds splendid to me!

From top left clockwise: fermented garlic ground over fried eggs (Photo Credit: Saveur Mag Issue 171 p.20 ),
pasta sauce, pizza, spread on pork tenderloin-- sear or roast.

Use it on anywhere you want a hit of tangy, sweet roasted dimension... what would you use it on?

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