Saturday, November 29, 2014

Food Revolution Family Fun Cooking Event at Sobeys...

In keeping with Jamie Oliver’s "keep cooking skills alive" premise, the Toronto Food Rev Team joined forces tonight to teach a family fun cooking class. This was held at Sobeys test kitchen- a supermarket that Jamie Oliver partners with to bring better food to Canadians. The theme was sleepover party foods and we cooked up chicken tenders, granola and smoothies from none other than Jamie's recipes. It was so much fun getting the kids and parents excited to cook together in the kitchen.

Pumped up for a night of fun!

Carol Harrison prepared a healthy yogurt dip with lovely fresh mint and lemon juice and encouraged the kids to use their sense of smell to enjoy their essence. She paired it with fresh cut vegetables and engaged in discussion about what other foods would complement as dippers. The dip doubled as a marinade for chicken breast strips in Jamie's Crunchy Chicken Pieces with Herby Yogurt Dip. After a thorough chicken demo by Mardi Michels, the kids were off to their stations.

"Totally delicious!"

With my twins Étienne and Sébastien preparing chicken tenders.

With the help of Monika Strzalkowska...

"This was the fun part, mom."

My pal Greg Tom attended with his boys...

Samantha showing how to make Orange Smoothie with carrots, mango with ginger for zing and lime for zest! 
Check out Super Smoothies for a green, purple and white versions.

Boys just wanna have fun...
You're a pro, Anson!

Last recipe of Homemade Granola with Berry Compote.

Linda Matarasso demoing and Mardi Michels serving...

It was unanimous that it was way better to make it yourself than store-bought!

Enjoying the fruits of their labour!

The young chefs of the night takes centre stage with Jamie!

Linda and Me: Willowdale, we have our eyes on you for FRD2015!

As our local team continues to meet, exchange ideas and run our own activities, I believe we will generate real excitement in our community to keep the Food Revolution momentum going and create some real positive change in our eating habits and food system. If you want to learn more about food, cooking and education events happening in our greater city, like us on Facebook! A fun night, thank you Food Rev team and Sobeys for the space! Until next time...

Our team continues to do wonderful things with real food. Check out them out:  
Linda Matarasso @ and 


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