Saturday, September 6, 2014

Preparing for Chuseok!... Korean Thanksgiving Day!

A much celebrated holiday, Korean Thanksgiving (Chuseok) falls on Monday, September 8th this year but festivities span for three days starting the 7th until the 9th. I am not Korean but I adore the fascinating culture and food, and I am lucky to be entrenched in the heart of the Korean neighbourhood. Join me tomorrow as I give you further insight into the traditions of this holiday and delicious Korean dishes to make and enjoy!

To understand more about the foods and customs of this special holiday, continue to read the featured article in Galleria Supermarket's The With magazine September Vol. 30 issue.

Songpyeon and other types of Korean rice cakes (“dduk”) are always eaten and exchanged during Chuseok, and there is also usually at least one family feast during the holiday! Come back to see some great home-cooked Korean recipe ideas on my next post to make your own feast paying homage to this wonderful holiday!

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