Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tasty Weekend in Belleville Ontario...

I stayed in beautiful Belleville overnight Friday to give my friend chef David from Red Dragon Caters a hand to cater to an after concert party. I gladly obliged; it's been close to a decade since we last cooked together and also gave me the chance to check out his stand in Belleville's heritage farmers market operating since 1816 where he sells delectable home-made dim sum and other tasty treats. It was a gorgeous day and I had an amazing visit- too bad it was so short!

Chef David and I at the party venue with dance area behind us.

We offered home-made Madras spiced cashews and
wasabi oriental rice cracker mix as quick snacks.

Menu offerings displayed consisted of chicken or vegetable spring rolls, vegetable samosas, jumbo California rolls, pork and shrimp siu mai and a berry lichee freeze- in coconut juice and crushed ice.

A portable griddle and steamer over a cooking burner to heat things up!

The next morning. The lakeside home he stays in Tweed has an absolute stunning view!

Vibrant and gorgeous fresh fruit and vegetable displays abound in the bustling downtown Belleville market full of friendly faces and engaging conversations. You just want to pick some of the juicy sweet fruit and sink your teeth right in.

These sweet ladies' flowers were so well cared for they didn't look real!

David at his station frying up some incredibly delicious vegetable spring rolls- my fave!

David making a hungry customer very happy!

If this is making you crave spring rolls, try my version of pork and vegetable spring rolls.

Other tasty goodies including a delicious Mediterranean chickpea salad!

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