Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Share Good Food with Good Friends...

To kick off my personal campaign on sharing my love of good food and inspiring others to get excited in the next few weeks leading up to May 16th, I can't think of a better way than sharing my all-time favourite home cooked wonton noodle soup with my closest friends. Kaitlyn, whom I knew since secondary school and Eve who I met from work were meeting today for the first time finally after many missed opportunities. Since they heard so many great things about each other, their encounter was easy and natural as though they have been longtime friends. We had been planning a playdate at Kaitlyn's place with her daughter, Jenna and my son Matias, and Eve would join us. 

Originally, we were going for dim sum but after thinking how I could use this time to support the food revolution cause, I knew right away I wanted to cook for them. What made it more wonderful was that I had recently made a fresh frozen batch of wontons which we all love and was perfect to save preparation time! I boiled turkey bones to make the broth and prepared as much ahead yesterday so all I needed to do for lunch was quickly cook up the frozen wontons and noodles, and heat up the soup. Minimal time in the kitchen made for maximum time to talk and get to know each other.  

What a great afternoon spent with good friends over some good food- both close to my heart!

I brought home-prepared foods in containers,
including dessert. 

Kaitlyn and Eve enjoying a bowl of my wonton noodle soup.


Things You Can Do:
* Cook up your specialty dish or download a food revolution day recipe and cook from scratch for your friends, family and colleagues;
* Surprise a neighbour with a homemade dish or sweet treat and share the recipe;
* Host an activity to promote cooking tasty and nutritious meals/snacks from scratch such as a potluck or a fun hands-on cooking lesson or session with your friends and kids.

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