Monday, April 28, 2014

My Son's "Grocery List"...

I was scouring my fridge and cupboards yesterday to see what I need to stock up and pick up this morning from the store. My son Étienne knows my Sunday routine and started writing up a grocery or wish list of his own by sounding out the words- he's only 4! My husband and I couldn't stop chuckling over the ingredients and deciphering what he actually means with the misspellings- barbekhur sose ;) or chickenocket (maybe chicken nuggets?) . Oh and the coffee could be for his brothers, they love coffee but we milk it down of course. At the same time he got distracted with other writing bits- like his friend's name Russell, and words like Canada and finch ;)... but we get it and it's too cool!!


  1. Lovely and priceless!


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