Thursday, April 17, 2014

Creative Leftovers.... Pasta Sauce with Creamed Spinach

There was quite a bit of creamed spinach with bacon leftover from yesterday's dinner since only my husband and I ate it, and I made a lot! I thought tossing the remainder into a tomato pasta sauce would break up the concentrated taste of the creamed spinach and dilute the strong smokiness from the bacon making it more appealing to my kids. I had some chicken thighs and serving it grilled would make a nice complete meal.

The chicken thighs were seasoned simply with salt, black pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. Then I drizzled some olive oil and mixed everything up. While I grilled the chicken on a grill pan, I heated the pasta sauce and stirred in the leftover creamed spinach and cooked until hot, then tossed in cooked rotini.

The chicken were grilled on both sides about five minutes each until marks were golden brown, then I popped them in the convection oven preheated at 375F to finish cooking and baked until the juices ran clear. Don't toss out that flavourful chicken juice! I poured it over the pasta- flavour on flavour I always say!

Hurray! It worked- the kids liked the pasta and we finished the leftover spinach. Étienne asked for a second helping too!

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