Thursday, January 14, 2016

Celebrating National Hot Tea Month...

With my favourite everyday brew-- Japanese Hojicha (Roasted Green Tea)  焙じ茶. Super low in caffeine as most of it is roasted off, this is my go-to after meal beverage for its perfumey fragrance, distinct delicate taste and as a digestion facilitator. I also enjoy it occasionally as a morning hot beverage with milk and turbinado sugar. It's been hugely popular as the tea base for roasted milk tea in bubble tea shops in recent years-- starting a new wave of trendy drinks beyond the original regular green and black tea offerings. Look for packages of hochija or roasted green tea in Asian supermarkets and try a cuppa' in the comfort of your favourite chair. (◕‿◕✿) Tanoshimimasu-- Enjoy!

What is your favourite tea and how do you like it served?  Here's what some of you said:

Smita Chandra-- Green tea with crushed cardamom and fresh mint. Best tasting digestive and cure all!

Tu Lam-- I like all sorts of Japanese green tea especially the genmaicha with brown rice--  smells and tastes great. Always enjoyed straight up to get the full aroma. I also like chamomile tea

Trai Ng-- I switched out my morning coffee for Jasmine green tea and have been drinking Chamomile tea in the evening.

Norine Lau-- Some Velvet Morning (with lemongrass and orange peel) from David's Tea has a thickness that really satisfies and refreshes in the morning. It's supposed to be a hangover remedy ;P And I love Kashmiri Chai (picked up from Indian town) pink and creamy as a dessert tea. It really hits the spot after a meal.

Pearl River Bridge USA--  'Guk-bou' which is Pu-erh red tea with Chrysanthemum. Goes great with dim sum!

Susan-- Enjoying this morning, a cuppa' of Brahmin full leaf black tea-- a blend of malty Indian Assam & Ceylon served with milk and turbinado sugar. Divine! 

How about powdered jade green matcha tea... 

Steeped in tradition and making modern day head waves everywhere-- from everyday matcha-infused beverages and desserts to a high-tech matcha brewing machine. See my post for more.

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