Friday, April 22, 2016

Gastropost-- It's All In the Technique...

One of the joys of cooking is all the many different ways there are to cook! From baking and blanching to fermentation and flambé, every technique has its distinct purpose to making a dish great. But when it comes down to it, what method is it that makes your favourite meal? Gastroposters spent a week showing off our skills in the kitchen by posting the cooking procedure we've perfected. Whether barbecuing or brining, dredging or deep-frying, grilling or chilling — it's all in the technique!

Yay! My submission made it in today's Gastropost- It's All In the Technique-- attempting to master the art of wrapping zong zi. Zong zi is a Chinese version of tamales-- bamboo leaves are wrapped around glutinous sweet sticky rice mixed with all sorts of filling- savoury or sweet and boiled until ready. The key is getting everything tightly bundled and tied with kitchen string, otherwise it will burst during cooking in the cooking vessel. 

See here for the Original Two-Page Spread

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