Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Food Revolution Day FRD2016 is May 20th....

Food Revolution is less than two months away as we're gearing up for our 5th year! There's a lot getting underway in London to prepare our global ambassadors for yet another year of excitement and real food awareness. Leave your email on www.foodrevolutionday.com/ and be the first to receive the details once it rolls out, and I'll also be posting updates...

Save the date! #FoodRevolutionDay

As we work towards Food Revolution 2016, I can't help to reflect on my big & busy event last year at Northview Heights cooking up Jamie's sandwich with the entire school body-- 1500 participants... And my brief video-encounter with Mr. Oliver himself in London! What's in store this year folks? For more from this amazing past event, see here.

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