Monday, October 26, 2015

Unique Hand-Slapped and Pulled Chinese Noodles at Artisan Noodles....

Hand-slapped hand-pulled noodles is the rage in this awesome small North York eatery-- Artisan Noodle serving famous Xi'an (northwest China) Street Eats, and is always packed! I was so looking forward to my interview with the owner Henry today to dish why their style noodles are uniquely standing out from the other made-by-scratch ones in town! However, as a multitude of things can happen in restaurants, they had some maintenance repairs to take care of forcing them to close on a business day and to open the next day Tuesday- their day off and our planned meeting. Being busy, we were not able to talk but I went ahead and had lunch there with my best friend anyway, finally having her try their exquisite smooth silky noodles I've been raving about! And it's all eyes-rolled back double thumbs up!

Henry told me he will perform a demo next time we reschedule. I am so interested to hear his story-- if he came from this part of China (Xi'an), was opening a restaurant a business aspiration and why noodles? We see all these young people doing their own thing now (I believe he is in his late 20s or early 30s) and you want to know what was the driving force behind their ventures. These stories always inspire...

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I love their cute black and white illustrations on their front kitchen wall. Makes noodle eating happy, fun and whimsical!

Their house signature Yo Po Biang Biang Mian made with hand-slapped and pulled flat silky ribbon noodles  with stewed beef cubes, sautéed tomato, fried egg and mixed vegetables, potatoes, ground ginger, garlic, chopped cilantro finished in chili oil vinaigrette is to die for! 

The wicked combination of flavours and textures creates a wild party in your mouth that doesn't shut down until you're done!

This Xi'an combo consists of Xi'an Liang Pi Cold Noodle-- chewy wheat starch noodles in a savoury chili oil vinaigrette dressing topped with bean sprouts and shredded cucumber, and Pork Jia-Mo--housemade Xi'an style dense Mo bread stuffed with chopped braised pork belly and gravy. All washed down with an orange soda. Scrumptious!

So until next time, I will get the low down on how this awesome restaurant came about and share with y'all... for now check them out on Yelp or their official web-site....

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