Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Complete Meals, Prepared Healthy by JB...

When I come across great food ventures, I am always delighted to share them with all of you. Such as this awesome home delivered healthy meal business owned by my friend and former colleague Chef Jordana Britt. Having studied culinary arts at George Brown College, she started her cooking career in both small and large scale catering. She moved on into the corporate chef world at Kraft, followed by Nestle and then Sysco. A mom to two wonderful boys ages nine and five, she tells me she loves cooking for them. For nearly a year, she has been scratch cooking complete meals for a dietician's clients that are calorie controlled, low carb and yummy with good reviews. They are complete hearty but healthy meals with lean protein and whole grains with an emphasis on local and organic produce when possible.The meals are generous, individually portioned and frozen in reusable containers with delivery service available. If you are interested to learn more, see her web-site, contact her at 416-722-4664 / jordy.britt@gmail.com.

Chef Jordana Britt, Toronto, ON

Prepared Healthy By JB

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